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Throwback of the week

Posted: March 18, 2009 by djjohnjohn in Music

What up peoples.. this week’s throwback pic is Large professor The Mad Scientist. I never knew why he did the same verse twice but i never cared.. this joint was hot.. production was crazy and it’s just a classic hip hop track. I wish i still saw  hip hop videos like this on tv, i remember seein this every day on rap city…. check it out 100


One Chapter Ends, Another Shuts the Hell up.

Posted: March 2, 2009 by Little Vic in Music, Production




I am very very close to finally completing Autopsy.  I want to start working on “Tonight We Go To WAR” already LOL.  When creating an album, I have learned several things.  The most important of the several, is to remember NOT to put a time frame on your creativity.  The runner up to #1 is to recognize when you have THE VISION.  I am not talking about when you have a shit load of tracks & simply place 15 in the best order possible.  I thought I had a vision for Autopsy last year.  Until about 3 days ago I realized that the project is actually starting take on a life of its own, and the VISION is so clear suddenly.  When I was working on Each Dawn I Die, the process was scattered & unorganized.  I had a couple of tracks that I knew I was using, but it didn’t seem like a family of songs …and to this day, it still doesn’t to me. 

Autopsy is going to have to be an album and not a mix tape.  i will absolutely release a mix cd of the tracks that didn’t make the cut (fact: I have over 40 to choose from).  The ones that don’t make the album are not shunned because of their lack of quality, they will just be the ones that don’t mesh the best with the other tracks & ultimately do not jolt the project further conceptually.  I recorded one of the singles the other day, and I must say that I am very happy with the final result.  Since I don’t know exactly which tracks are making the cut, I can’t give a production list yet.  I can confidently say that I will be producing about 70% of the album myself, letting my listeners get used to the fact that I was indeed a producer before i was an MC.  Here is a little list of the ones I produced that are making the cut as of TODAY.


“Flesh & Blood” My first choice for a single.  It is pretty much all over the place, back and forth with rapping and singing…not following the normal formula of a “single”…But I am going against the grain from now on.  It is deep, amped, sad, nostalgic, dark, bright, happy, and powerful.  I worked on that beat for many hours, so right now I think it is my favorite.

“Not on the Outside”This is my neck breaker.  Originally I did this beat for a collab for me and CP, but for some reason we never used it…I went back recently & did my best to be comical/witty …of course all while keeping it raw!  John John laced some serious cuts on it, and it should give you an idea of the variety of production I am personally contributing to my own album.

“Bulls Eye” – This is my intro track.  Soulful, Rocking, and ultimately prepares you for anything.  I imagine it will have some throat stabbing cuts on it when the intro is wrapped up…The drums on this track will kick your ass.

“Concentrate”This is my nostalgic chick track.  It is all inspired by real events that took place in my life with the girl I love…I haven’t finished the third verse yet, but it is probably the smoothest track on the album…and its all from the heart.

“Change of Heart”This is one of my favorite beats I have ever done.  The hook is me buggin out singing, and I am speaking on the trials of everyday life without being depressing… I like the way this one turned out, and i am positive you will too.

“Drift Away” Up Tempo head banger.  I am in the air weather I want to keep this one on the album or throwback…They are both similar in the verse matter & sample – Its just a matter of which one has a better final mixdown…This one does have a really dope instrumental interlude before it.

“The Show Stoppers” (feat. K Solo, RA the Rugged Man? ill Bill?) – This track is simply hard & to the point.  I did about 5 sequences where if you listen close enough you can hear slight changes in the drum pattern & basslines…I already got K Solo on it, which is more than enough… But we are also reaching out to rugged man, and I already locked something in with ill bill – if this goes through… go buy a helmet & wait.

“Throw Back”Exactly what it says.  This shit sounds like something out of 96.  I didn’t intend on making it sound like that…I originally had some hard drums rockin at 1/8 , and a snappy hi hat going in and out at 1/16…it was too futuristic sounding, so I went with the old “Flangered” out break drums…Added a few tambourines & i wrote my ass off that night.  I was in florida, and this track is probably the Oldest track on the album.

“Autopsy” – This track gave me the idea for the second album.  I did the beat very quickly, as you can tell …there isn’t MUCH to it…But, there is SOMETHING about it.  Its one of those tracks that makes you instantly write…I am bringing in some artilary on this track tho, a couple of vocalists & musicians will make it sound tighter than anything on the album…The lyrics are dark & rapid release.

“Body in the Funk” – 112 Tempo…I had this track up on my myspace page for a while…I am in the midst of remixing it, adding a BIG hook, and overall making it another potential single.. maybe a B side…lets see how that pans out.

“Evil Woman” – Bouncy feel-good beat.  Ironically enough, its a Story about an EVIL woman over a feel-good beat.

Well, these are just some of the tracks I have produced for the Album….I have a whole other batch of shit that is going on the mixtape… I guess its safe to say that the harder you work on something, the more options you have.  Someone told me a while back to “put the MPC down for a little while”… not meaning harm, but simply stating that i should focus on writing & let the other producers worry about the beats…If I did that, I would be in bad shape.  Besides, Ryan West said it best… Some artists just know exactly what they want.  It is absolutely true.  I know exactly the types of tracks i need to get done in order to wrap up Autopsy, but I cannot explain it to a producer.  I was actually thinking of producing the entire project myself, but I do have some bangers already in the vault from some of the guys…Then again, who the hell knows… Right now I am on a roll, & in good spirits – It should be easy to wrap up.  I will do about 5 more tracks in total before Autopsy is complete… I don’t know which 5, but most likely they will be brand new beats that I either produce, or come across in the next couple of days…. Alright, if you made it up to here, then you have no life… neither do i… You wanna collab??? LOL