Little Vic & 9FIVE “Boulevard Blues” prod. Velotz

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Little Vic “Speak No Evil” ** EXCLUSIVE**

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Little Vic stumbled across a 20 second loop sent by Dj Insite which was only a reference to be further developed for Nature (who chose a different gem) . After conjuring up a couple of verses, it was chopped up & sequenced using pro tools, and the vocals were laid all at Menza’s crib with Mickey Knox present. Vic’s tommy gun delivery forcefully riddles this bouncy Insite collage of vocals, chimes and chords over tight kicks & snares. “All work & no play” which was stolen from Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining” is a perfect title for this peak inside the union of a producer & MC who are both out of their minds, but collaborate insanely well together. Enjoy.

Little Vic – “All Work & No Play” prod .Dj Insite

“LET ALONE” – Little Vic (Orena Records/DCM)  Here goes an upbeat joint with rapid fire lyrics to slice through the glassy production & stabbing keys!  Love will do that to the paper when it’s gone wrong.

Little Vic “Far From Home” prod. John John

Here’s a joint we never finished… but god damn it.  I love the beat & the hook so much, I am most definitely going to wrap this shit up and leak it to you guys.


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Little Vic “Olympus” prod. Little Vic

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Little Vic Mann95 (The Reaper) & CP “Forsaken Life” produced by Little Vic & John John (Double Shot)

Rough mix, but Mann convinced me to drop it…. so Bump it!

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